Favorite Vacations

Our Honeymoon
We went to Southern California to celebrate our honeymoon and went to Disneyland, Seaworld, the San Diego Zoo, and other neat places. Don't we just fit in with these two characters?

And we won't talk about my driving. :)

This vacation really was magical!

James and I got to spend three glorious weeks together in China after his study abroad. It was December so it was cold. We slept in several different hotels and various sleeper trains, and I was still getting used to the dramatic time change, so I look pretty tired in many of the pictures. :)

On the Great Wall... I met a lady who only spoke Spanish on the Great Wall, which I thought was pretty uncanny since I was able to help her find her daughter since I spoke Spanish. Cool, huh? This whole trek up the wall (I call it trek because it was so HARD!) was just simply amazing! It was like walking through history!

Here we are taking a bike ride on top of the Xi'an city wall. This was so cool! I could have spent hours looking over the edge of the wall at all the buildings and people. The Chinese are just incredible and very sociable so they make for great people watching. :) This picture was the last one taken before my bike crash. Haha! My favorite memory from China...

And this picture was taken in a building of Terra Cotta Warriors. What an amazing story from their history!

Bandelier National Monument, NM

We love camping and hiking. We recently went to Bandelier where there are old ruins from the cliff dwellers who used to live here.

We got to climb all sorts of ladders to get into the caves and explore. Climbing ladders is more tiring than I realized before.

We hope to do several camping trips each year to really get to know the places we live.

San Francisco, CA

We visited Alcatraz, the famous prison, while in San Francisco. That was pretty amazing!
Here is James in Chinatown. We had to visit Chinatown to get the real food again. We've been missing it! Plus, James wanted a chance to use his Mandarin again - too bad the people we talked to only spoke Cantonese.

And James in a shark...

And Heidi with a pirate. He's had better days, I think.

Aztec, NM, Four Corners, and Mesa Verde, CO
Somehow, it seems we manage to do lots of our sight-seeing in cold weather...

These doorways make James look super tall!

I think the doorways were shaped this way so that the women could walk through them while carrying a kid on each hip and not run into the door jam... Ok, maybe not. But it would have worked.

Here's James on the New Mexico side of the Four Corners Monument.