Heidi, age 5, Kindergarten
Heidi is the oldest of four children, she grew up in a small town in the Midwest where she participated in sports like volleyball, and school/community projects.

A country girl of sorts, she likes to work hard and knows how to have fun. Heidi loves anything outdoors, especially swimming, horseback riding, canoeing, hiking, camping, and climbing trees.

Recently, Heidi has gotten into digital scrapbooking, ward and community activities, and teaches piano on the side. No matter how busy she gets, Heidi still makes time to play the piano (that’s one way she likes to relax). I love sitting in the room to either read or work on something while Heidi tickles those ivory keys. It’s absolutely beautiful!
Heidi, age 2, playing piano with her mom.

She graduated from BYU with a double major in Spanish and Home & Family Living. Now, she has grown to love and excel at family finances, sewing (she made the coolest 1950’s style pajamas for me one Christmas), cooking, and family relations.
Heidi spent 2 months in Spain studying Spanish.

One thing I love about Heidi is that she isn’t afraid to try new things and helps me to do the same. I would not be the great man I am today were it not for my dear angel wife.
BYU Graduation

At the zoo

All dolled up!

Heidi helping Abi at her gym class
Picture taken at Heidi's sister's wedding.

Heidi's most recent family picture - a bit outdated. Now there are 3 grandchildren.