One of our VERY favorite things to do is cook together! We cook meals and desserts together as often as we can. This is us in our robes I made while we made Chinese for dinner one night.
James and I love gardening! We haven't had a great chance to do much since we've been married, but one summer we used our apartment complex's flower garden area and had a garden with some of our neighbors. It did really well! We got a watermelon, lots of cucumbers and tomatoes, some lettuce, green beans, radishes, green onions, and even some squash! All our neighbors loved watching it grow. It was a blast!

We love anything outside! This is a picture of James and his brother in the back and some other people from James's job in front. James gets to help plan and put on competitions for people at work and this incentive was a river rafting trip. I couldn't go on this one so he took his brother and they had a terrific time getting wet.

We love hiking! Here we are at the base of the Timpanogos caves trail. It's a good hearty hike and we were a little worried after we saw this sign. Ok, James was more worried. Haha!
Here we are with several of James's siblings after hiking to Timpanogos Caves.
We love, love, LOVE camping! We went on a camping trip with James's family this last summer and had a blast! We had TONS of food and hiked up to a little stream and waterfall. This picture is of James and our nephew setting up our tent.

This is a picture of me on the waterfall hike.

Here is my sister and me at a BYU football game two years ago. I love watching sports - especially if I'm familiar with the players. I think I might even be a bigger sports fan than my husband. :) James and I did enjoy going to the football games together, and the last couple years we sat with our siblings and some friends and roommates.

We love rollercoasters! We went to Lagoon with James's family and got soaked on one of the water rides. The best part was that James's sister and I convinced his dad that we wouldn't get too wet so he decided to go with us and then it was us girls that got the most soaked. I guess it serves us right. We were so cold though!

James and I love, love, love playing board games. I grew up playing games every Sunday night with my family and we hope to continue that tradition with our family. We're having a hard time finding a lot of two player board games though. :)
I love to sew! I grew up doing little embroidery and sewing projects like baby quilts. Then, in college I took a few clothing construction classes and now I love making fun clothes for us. Last Christmas, I made matching 50's style pajamas for us both. They're pretty cute!

We LOVE traveling! I feel very lucky to have found someone who enjoys site seeing as much as I do. We have dreams of traveling the world someday, or at least the U.S.

This picture was taken on the ferry coming back from Alcatraz to San Francisco, CA.