Holiday Traditions

Groundhog Day
We celebrate this holiday by "hibernating." We have a pajama party with games and movies and a special menu full of things grown in the ground like carrots and radishes. We always have gummy worms, too!
Fourth of July
This is a cake I have made for the past two years on Independence Day. It's a four-layer cake so it's quite challenging for me and that's why it's a once-a-year cake. :) The girls in this picture are James's sisters. They joined us for a picnic, fireworks, and cake and ice cream.

Every year we have a pumpkin carving party in celebration of fall and of course the guests are welcome to dress up. I also love to ice cookies, so no holiday is complete without iced cookies. This is me with my sister. I was dressed up as a "Wet Floor" caution cone and she was a "road". Really random, I know. We didn't even talk to each other when we were planning them out.

This is James in his Star Trek uniform carving a pumpkin replica of Yoda. He's a nerd, and I love him!

I love icing cookies and have a nice set of cookie cutters. So, I had a ball and created my own jack-o-lanterns, except these are of the delicious edible type. 


This year, James and I dressed up as Kung Fu Panda and Tigress. I think my favorite part was our hats - and the pillow James had stuffed in his shirt to make him look fluffy like a panda...

Each November, we celebrate Thanksgiving by creating a thankful tree. Every day in November we both put a leaf on the tree after writing something on it that we are thankful for. By Thanksgiving, it's usually full of leaves and blessings that we appreciate.

This was our first Christmas together after we were married. We got to spend a little time with each family and it snowed like crazy that year, so we made a giant snowman with my family. We love playing in the snow as long as there is hot chocolate and a cozy blanket to follow.

This is us with most of James's siblings on Christmas morning. His mother is a great seamstress and has made big, cloth gift bags for each child to receive his Christmas gifts in. It's kind of like Santa's big bag!

James and I had a great time making Christmas cookie plates last Christmas. I even made individual cheese balls for each plate. This is me with a pumpkin cookie roll before we cut it into slices.

We also got out our sleeping bags and slept on the living room floor for a few nights during the break watching movies every night until we fell asleep. I'm not sure where we got this idea but it was so fun! We basically camped out inside and enjoyed the Christmas tree lights.