To Our Birth Parents With Love

Dear Friends,

Adoption has brought hope and excitement to our lives that we had not thought possible. It has brought peace and healing to our hearts as we have learned that the Lord is with us and you. Adoption is truly a miracle of love. We have often thought of Joseph from the New Testament and the special relationship he had with his adopted Son, Jesus Christ. Adoption is a special and sacred gift, and we hope to share in that experience with YOU!

About Us

We are a happy, spunky couple with dreams of exploring this world with our children. We met in college and dated for a while before Heidi went to Spain for a study abroad.  That’s when we realized we were happiest when we were together, so we got married shortly after Heidi returned from Spain.

Throughout our marriage, we've given each other the love and support necessary to endure every trial and enjoy every blessing life has to offer. Family has always been important to us, but “unexplained infertility” has slowed the growth of our family. Through this trial, we have learned to trust the Lord in all things.

In the meantime, our time together has been cherished. We live very active lives and love trying new things. James learned Chinese just for fun after we got married , and Heidi learned to sew clothing. A few winters ago, we tried skiing for the first time and loved it! Our family motto seems to be “Experience All Good Things!”

Our favorite times together are spent cooking, traveling, playing board games with family, or learning new things. 
About Heidi

My sweetheart was raised in a small town in Kansas. Her cheerful personality and love for life attracted me to her instantly. Shortly after we were married, I was impressed with her natural ability to turn our small one-bedroom apartment into a home. She’s been able to do that everywhere we’ve lived since and makes our home a peaceful place where the young and old love to visit.

In addition to her awesome homemaking skills, Heidi is also a gifted teacher. She loves to teach piano, ACT prep and anything else others want to learn. In her free time, she likes to swim, play volleyball and the piano, and plan a variety of neighborhood parties. When I married Heidi, I knew I married a special lady. But I have come to know that she is truly the angel God sent down from Heaven to be my best friend and companion in every storm and sunrise we experience in life together.

About James

James is the most amazing man! He is my greatest support and is a ridiculously fun dad. His greatest strength is his ability to make people happy when they are with him. He really does love people! He is especially great with kids. I love watching him play with children because he gets them laughing so hard, it becomes contagious.

James works hard at his job and is successful there. I never worry about our family’s future because I know he will provide. When he’s not at work, he enjoys reading, chess, working out, and being with people. James also loves music! He knows composers like most people know athletes. One of my sweetest memories of James is playing Christmas duets with him on the piano. What I love the most about James is how he can make me laugh literally every day!

About Abigail

Abigail is the happiest thing in our lives right now! She is a busy toddler in the perfect stage for exploring, learning, and climbing. We love watching her figure out new concepts, reading books with her, playing games and singing, and letting her push the grocery cart. Her very favorite thing in the world is dancing to music. Her second favorite thing is swimming either in the tub or the pool - they're both favorites for her!

Abi joined our family in 2013 through adoption which was a highlight in our lives and something we remember with very fond and tender feelings. We loved getting to know her birthparents and have kept some contact with them. This open adoption has been a wonderful experience.

Our Feelings About Adoption

Adoption is a beautiful and sacred thing. We have seen the power that adoption has to bring families together in miraculous ways and the power it has to heal lives and bring joy and peace to souls. We are humbled to know of your courage for considering this option for your child. We know that we will not be the first people to love our child when he or she is placed within our arms. To us, our birthparents are angels and we love you already! We look forward to meeting you and sharing in this amazing journey.

James and Heidi